How to Care for a Wetsuit

Take care of a dirty and stinky wetsuit and other neoprene gear by regularly washing it with Revivex formulas. Learn how to dry and store it properly, too.

Divers' Flag A rectangular red flag with a white diagonal stripe is required on state waters.   Alfa Flag A blue and white International Code Flag A (or Alfa flag), a...

How to Replace a Zipper Slider

The Zipper Repair Kit by GEAR AID offers an assortment of zipper sliders and top stops as well as a sewing kit and seam ripper to help with replacing worn zipper sliders.
How to Repair Dive Gloves

Sven Middelkoop, scuba diving instructor in The Netherlands, offers some great tips for repairing dive gloves. Sven spends his time in the cold waters of The Netherlan...

How to Wash GORE-TEX Fabrics

To ensure the optimal performance of GORE-TEX garments and other waterproof breathable fabrics, wash the fabric regularly with a gentle technical cleaner. Dirt, smoke, body oils and other residues will inhibit breathability and decrease repellency.
Inflatable Boat Repair Made Easy

Want to learn how to repair an inflatable? Believe it or not, inflatable boat repair is actually pretty easy when you know the proper steps and have the appropriate to...

Our friends at NRS offer some great tips for making repairs to drysuits using Aquaseal or Seam Grip. Watch the video on


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