Regular cleaning and lubrication of your wetsuit or dry suit zipper will help a zipper last the lifetime of the suit. Without proper care, expensive zippers degrade and need costly replacement.

How to Avoid a Stuck Zipper

A stuck zipper can be caused by corrosion, rust, sand, salt deposits, or other particulates getting stuck in the zipper mechanism. The friction in a degraded or dirty wetsuit or drysuit zipper can make it hard to use, and in some cases the zipper will get stuck. Broken zipper teeth can also result from an improperly maintained zipper. The best way to avoid a stuck zipper is to keep the zipper clean and lubricated.

Maintaining a Zipper

There are several M Essentials™ products available to help maintain a zipper.

Zip Care™

Keep your zipper free of harmful dirt, sand and salt deposits with Zip Care™, both a cleaner and lubricant in one bottle. To clean and lubricate your zipper with Zip Care, follow these steps:

Step 1: Unzip item and use Zip Care's brush top to remove grit and dust.

Step 2: Brush Zip Care generously onto zipper teeth to clean and lightly lubricate. Wipe off excess.

Step 3: Carefully open and close zipper to thoroughly distribute Zip Care.

Zip Tech™

Zip Tech™ is preferred for multi-dive lubrication. It's a paraffin-free, silicone-free, solid zipper lubricant. Use Zip Tech to lubricate and protect watertight and airtight zippers on dry suits from corrosion and harmful salt, chlorine and other pollutants.

To use: Open zipper and apply Zip Tech sparingly only to the outer teeth of the zipper.

Max Wax™

If you prefer a more traditional stick lubricant, Max Wax™ is great for general zipper lubrication. The silicone-free lubricant in Max Wax works in all water temperatures.

Which zipper care product is right for me?

Zip Care is typically used as a cleaner and light lubricant for wet and dry suits before applying Zip Tech. Zip Tech is recommended for use on zippers that are subject to submersion in water and for cold water dives. Zip Tech is an extremely durable and long-lasting lubricant. Max Wax is a more "traditional" stick lubricant also recommended for use on wet suits and dry suits. For dry land applications, we recommend Zip Care for cleaning and lubricating tents, backpacks, etc.

Originally Published: Jul 31, 2013

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