Hopefully you took the time and care to prep your gear for storage last fall when you put it away, but if you didn’t, we’ve got some tips to help you get your gear back to new.

If you put your wetsuit, booties, or dry suit away dirty, the chances are that they’re still dirty.

Nobody wants to put that muddy crusty wetsuit back on. The best way to bring your dirty gear back to life is to wash it. We’ve got a specialized cleaner for wetsuits and dry suits. It’s a gentle cleaner that's  formulated to remove organic residues like algae and bacteria all while conditioning the neoprene and rubber in your suits to prevent premature aging and oxidation.

Just add two capfuls of wetsuit wash per gallon of water and fully submerge your suit. Give it a good scrub to get all the dirt and dried in grime out. Rinse the suit and hang to dry.

Did you clean your gear before you put it away, but now it’s got the smell of a funky closet or tote?

Give it a quick dip in MiraZyme™ to eliminate odors. MiraZyme is a powerful blend of natural enzymes and microbes that quickly and easily eliminate odors.  It’s all natural and safe for use on a variety of stinky items like your footwear, your other outdoor gear, and even your pets! To use MiraZyme, simply use 1/2oz per 20 gallons of water and dunk your gear. Let the water fully saturate the material and then pull it out. DO NOT RINSE! Hang dry. Be sure not to use heat on your freshly deodorized piece as heat kills the enzymes that MiraZyme uses to make your gear smell better. Got a stubborn odor? Use a higher concentration of MiraZyme to water. For really tough smells, you can even put MiraZyme directly onto the gear.

Live or play in a place where the sun is always shining?

Be sure to use UV Tech™ to treat your gear.  UV Tech is like Sunscreen for your gear.  It provides powerful sun protection for all kinds of materials from harmful UV rays to prevent fading fabrics, deteriorating rubber and discolored fiberglass. Plus, UV Tech restores gear to its original look by replacing lost plasticizers, rejuvenating surfaces and brightening colors. Keep those PFDs, Wetsuits, and your boats looking like new!

Now that you’ve cleaned, deodorized, and protected your paddle gear, you’re ready to hit the water!

 Originally Published: Apr 7, 2014

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