The Microfiber Towel is one of our most versatile towels. In case you needed a little inspiration, we’ve made this list of uses to help jumpstart your brain.

1. In your camera bag: Throw it in your camera bag for those shoots where you are constantly changing environments. Keep that lens dry and fog free with a quick wipe from your Microfiber Towel.

2. At your triathlon transition station: The Microfiber Towel folds out to a compact size that makes for the perfect mat to help speed up your transition from water to bike. It’s extra absorbent so it’ll make drying your feet off and getting them into those cycling shoes a breeze!

3. At the pool or the beach: The handy zipper pocket makes it a great way to keep your keys, cell phone, or ID safe at the poolside. No one will know where that ringing cell phone is coming from.

4. On the boat: Keep a Microfiber Towel on your fishing boat for a quick and easy towel to dry your hands off after you reel in the big one. With the handy snap loop you can attach it to just about anywhere on your boat .

5. In your backpack: The Microfiber Towel weighs under 9 oz so it won’t take up much space or weight when you’re on those long multi-day trips. It also works as a great kitchen towel, but if you get any food on it, be sure to hang it up where bears can’t get to it.

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