Down Care + Repair Kit

Revivex Down Care + Repair Kit makes it easy to keep down gear in top condition. The gentle cleaner restores loft without stripping natural oils and Tenacious Tape Mini patches fix tears and holes quickly. Keep sleeping bags, coats, and parkas performing their best.
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Kit: Down Cleaner + Tenacious Tape Minis
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Now it’s easier than ever to wash and fix down jackets and sleeping bags with our Down Care + Repair Kit. The gentle cleaner restores loft without stripping natural oils in down gear. If a tear or hole makes an appearance, quickly patch it up with a peel-and-stick Tenacious Tape Mini Patch. 

  • Complete Care System - Specially formulated for washing and restoring loft in down gear; will optimize performance of sleeping bags, coats or parkas
  • Concentrated - Gentle cleaner with no added fragrances, softeners or optical brighteners; safe to use on down blends and treated down
  • Washable - Peel-and-stick patches provide a permanent repair to a tear or pinhole leak on nylon, polyester, vinyl, and other synthetic materials
  • Kit Includes: Revivex Down Cleaner (10 fl oz), Tenacious Tape Minis (1.5"x2.5")


  • CLEANER Size: 10 oz
  • Cleans 10 jackets or 5 sleeping bags
  • High Efficiency (HE) compatible
  • PATCHES Size: 1.5”x 2.5”
  • 3 black nylon and 3 clear patches
  • Peel-and-stick application
  • Permanent and weatherproof
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