Dual USB Wall and Car Charger

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Recharge your electronics in a fraction of the time with this high-speed USB charger. Not your average charger, it offers two ultra-fast, 2-amp USB ports that each deliver 10 watts, charging your GEAR AID lights, phones or tablets in half the time of an average charger. It's equipped with folding AC wall and DC car plugs so you can recharge electronics on the go. Weighing just 2.4 ounces and measuring 2.25 square inches, it makes a great travel charger. 


  • Dual USB charger with two 2-amp ports to quickly charge GEAR AID LED lights and other USB devices
  • Each port delivers 10 watts for fast charging of multiple devices at once
  • Includes 100-240-volt AC wall and 12-volt DC car charging plugs for powering electronics anywhere you go
  • Power plugs collapse for travel
  • Package can be used as a storage bag


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