GEAR AID Brings McNett Tactical Products into the Fold

Effective immediately, GEAR AID will now have McNett Tactical products in its line of Adventure Tools. Specifically, the use of the “McNett Tactical” name will be discontinued. This rebrand will also introduce new packaging for Camo Form®, Op Drops™, Microfiber Towels, Gruntline®, and Sleep Mask.
GEAR AID Expands Adventure Tool Line

GEAR AID is expanding its line of Adventure Tools with the launch of four new products: Camp Carabiner, Camp Line Kit, Taut Line Kit, and Carabiner Light Kit.
Introducing the Kotu Tanto Knife

Featuring a 3” full-tang blade and weighing under 6 oz, the lightweight Kotu is an every day carry tanto knife that's useful for survival, camping, hunting and fishing trips. 
Introducing New Pouches for the Revivex Collection

GEAR AID introduces new, pouch packaging for its line of Revivex water repellents and wash treatments. The pouches contain less plastic than traditional bottle packaging. The change is part of GEAR AID’s latest rebrand efforts to modernize packaging.
GEAR AID Launches Sleek, New Look

GEAR AID launches a fresh, new look to its product line and combines multiple sub-brands into one; bringing dive, watersports and outdoor care and repair products together under four collections: Aquaseal adhesives, Seam Grip sealants, Revivex cleaners and water repellents and Tenacious Tape patches.
Introducing the Buri and Akua Utility Knives

Introducing two fixed blade knives designed for outdoor adventures on land or in water. The Buri, with its drop point blade, is ideal for the avid outdoorsman or woman. The Akua is a blunt tip knife and sheath with webbing mounts for paddlers. Each knife weighs 5.7 oz with a suggested retail price of $29.95. 
Introducing the 19-piece Camp Kit by GEAR AID

Priced at $19.95 and weighing only 2.3 ounces, this lightweight and compact kit includes all the essential supplies to complete quick, in-field repairs to rips, tears and holes.
New Revivex Spray Bottle for Easy Application

GEAR AID introduces a new spray bottle for its best-selling outerwear care product, ReviveX Durable Water Repellent. Now available in a larger 10.5oz metal container that uses air-powered technology for a continuous spray that is easier to apply.
GEAR AID Partners with RAM Mounts

GEAR AID has partnered with Seattle-based RAM Mounts to offer three-piece mount kits for GEAR AID’s new battery-powered LED lights and power packs.
GEAR AID Redefines Hands-Free Lighting

Built with ultra-bright LEDs, high-speed charging capabilities and monster battery power, the ARC and FLUX provide light and power for days, will weather any storm.
GEAR AID Rebrands with New LED Lights

GEAR AID, long synonymous with outdoor adventure, is rebranding, complete with new logo, company positioning and a breakout into the ‘tools’ product category.
200,000 Shiny New Objects

new colors. technical fabrics. fresh rubber. shiny pvc.  Twice a year we walk into the Salt Palace, reminded how much we love the outdoor industry. Outdoor Retailer is...

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