How to Repair an Inflatable

A deflating inflatable can throw a serious wrench in your plans, but with just a little bit of know-how and a few useful tools, your day out on the water can be salvaged.  If your inflatable pontoon, SUP board, boat, river tube, PVC or Hypalon raft, they can easily be repaired.
How to Repair a Wetsuit

You could say that you and your wetsuit have been through a lot together. Whether it was the final hurdle of your last grueling triathlon, the tumbling waves you handled in those early mornings at La Jolla, or the sunken ships you saw off the coast of Aruba on a recent diving trip, those who wear a wetsuit know that it’s more than just another piece of equipment—it’s what keeps you safe, warm, and protected.
How to Care for a Wetsuit

Take care of a dirty and stinky wetsuit and other neoprene gear by regularly washing it with Revivex formulas. Learn how to dry and store it properly, too.

Divers' Flag A rectangular red flag with a white diagonal stripe is required on state waters.   Alfa Flag A blue and white International Code Flag A (or Alfa flag), a...

Winter Eagle Watching in Washington

Each winter, here in Washington, we have an opportunity to see hundreds of eagles perched in the trees above our rivers. Learn how you can view these majestic animals.
Packing Tips

Packing Tip Proper Backpack Weight Distribution: A. Small, “Quick Access” Items i.e.: sunblock, head lamp, etc. B. Heavy Weight Items i.e.: food, water, fuel, etc. C. ...

Sven Middelkoop, scuba diving instructor in The Netherlands, offers some great tips for repairing dive gloves. Sven spends his time in the cold waters of The Netherlan...

Tenacious Tape Gear Patches are pre-cut fabric repair patches that feature fun shapes and themes. Tenacious Tape patches can be used for much more than repairs, however. Personalize luggage, clothing, cell phones, you name it.

Here are a few of our favorite camping tips Firestarting Tip One of the easiest campfires to build and maintain, the “lean-to” fire is a simple pyramid-shaped lean-to ...