What do you do with more than 800 square feet of old polyester signage? You repurpose it into something new. Over the years, we’ve collected banners that have crisscrossed the country and witnessed hundreds of handshakes and conversations at tradeshows and events. Now that GEAR AID has rebranded, the time has come for our old banners to start a new journey as zippered pouch bags we call, Banner Bag.

“We had to stop and make a change,
to take a step further...”

Partnering with Boulder-based Green Guru, we took our outdated banners to repurpose or “upcycle” the materials into distinct, small pouches. As a result we saved 35 lbs. of polyester material from being dumped in the landfill. Polyester is incredibly durable, so it takes years for it to degrade naturally in the environment. Upcycling our banners into something fun and useful is simple step towards sustainability – aligning with our values to preserve the outdoors and reduce waste. 

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Proceeds Benefit Our Wild Spaces

We’re giving $5 of every Banner Bag sale to The Nature Conservancy. Purchase a pouch for a cause and be part of our sustainable story.

About The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is a nonprofit organization with a global mission to “conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.” With field offices across the United States and worldwide, the Conservancy works with local communities and businesses to protect nature for present and future generations.

From grasslands to coral reefs, the Conservancy preserves natural habitats and helps address threats to conservation; specifically involving climate change, water protection, and urban development.

Limited Edition Banner Bag

The GEAR AID Banner Bag is perfect for storing your camp toiletries, repair supplies and replacement parts. Handmade from various parts of our banner, no two bags are the same. Only a limited stock is currently available, so get yours today before they’re all gone.

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