Hiking Boot Care

The newest generation of outdoor footwear demands specialized care and repair products. Revivex formulas have been developed specifically for each type of footwear material and for use in the most demanding conditions.

Clean & Restore or Create Water Repellency

Step 1: Clean Footwear 

Before applying any type of water repellent, it is important that you thoroughly clean the shoes. Once the shoes are clean, add a water repellent like our Revivex  Suede and Fabric Water Repellent. Simply spray the dry, clean shoes with this formula and allow to dry overnight. Two applications increase effectiveness, but allow to dry between coats. Revivex Suede & Fabric Water Repellent is ideal for use on nubuck, suede, GORE-TEX and all other waterproof breathable footwear.

For leather footwear we also offer Revivex Leather Water Repellent. Once again, you will begin by cleaning and drying the shoes as described above. Next, spray the shoes with Revivex Leather Water Repellent and allow to dry overnight. Similarly, two applications increase effectiveness. 

Our Revivex Leather Water Repellent is great for not only adding water repellency, but for conditioning full-grain leather footwear. Leather footwear tends to dry out and crack. It is important that you regularly condition leather with a specialized conditioner like Revivex Leather Water Repellent & Conditioner to prevent cracking and deterioration. A leather conditioner may also help you “break-in” new leather boots quicker. Simply buff Revivex Leather Water Repellent & Conditioner onto the boot and allow to dry.

We also offer boot care kits. The first is the Revivex Suede & Fabric Boot Care Kit. This kit comes with Revivex Nubuck, Suede and Fabric Water Repellent, ReviveX Boot Cleaner Concentrate, specialized boot brush, and stain eraser block. The second is the Revivex Leather Boot Care Kit, which contains Revivex Leather Water Repellent, Revivex Shoe & Boot Cleaner, specialized boot brush, and textured applicator cloth. These kits come with the appropriate cleaner, repellent and brushes. Everything you may need for cleaning and waterproofing your boots.

No staining or darkening should occur when treating fabric footwear. However, leather, suede and nubuck should be spot tested.

More tips for leather footwear

Leather is treated and manufactured in a number of different ways, so it really depends on the leather. For the most part, you can rinse and get nubuck wet. However, some leather and suede may stain or darken by simply adding water. If the manufacturer does not recommend getting the shoes wet or rinsing the shoes with water, I would follow their suggestion. If you are unsure what the manufacturer recommends, I would recommend spot testing on an inconspicuous part of the shoe first (e.g., wet a spot on the shoe and allow it to dry completely). 


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