Have you ever noticed white marks or ashy gray streaks on old or even new rubber boots? It's actually a completely normal phenomena called "blooming." 

With blooming, certain environmental factors like changes in temperature or humidity can cause insoluble particles in rubber to bloom or rise to the surface. While blooming is a normal process, characteristic of high quality, natural rubber, it's extremely unsightly. The rubber boots are typically covered in white streaks or gray powder and appear to have been doused with baby powder. Traditionally, these particles have been very difficult to remove, until now. 

Revivex Rubber Boot Treatment is our rubber conditioner and protectant. Simply apply it to your rubber boots using the included applicator brush and watch the white streaks caused by blooming disappear completely.

Ideal for use on rain boots, muck boots, rubber boots, plastic, neoprene or vinyl, Rubber Boot Treatment instantly restores shine while removing bloom and preventing sun damage and cracking.

Whether you want the nicest boots on the block or just want to keep your rubber boots around for a while, clean, protect and condition rubber boots with Revivex Rubber Boot Treatment.

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Revivex Rubber Boot Treatment

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