What is that smell?

Is someone eating stinky cheese?

Avoid embarrassing and uncomfortable situations by removing the stench out of your footwear and outdoor gear through the use of quality products that prevent and eliminate odor like ReviveX and Mirazyme.

What Causes Smelly Shoes? 

Most instances of odorous feet are the result of moisture being trapped where it can’t evaporate effectively. This gives bacteria the chance to feed on the sweat, which in turn produces a smelly isovaleric acid. This moisture filled environment is also the perfect condition for the development of the fungus that causes athlete's foot. Even those wearing the best work boots are not immune to this problem.


Odor sufferers who wish to use a spray or powder to control their foot odor and wetness may be interested in one of the following solutions.


This boot cleaner is useful for treating full-grain leather, nubuck, suede, and fabric materials. This prelude to waterproofing will clean most shoe materials to a pristine condition and ready to accept a waterproofing treatment. This shoe-cleaning step is important to the longevity of the footwear and the durability of the shoes. This product completes two tasks in one application: cleaning and disinfecting. Depending on the material and use, there are three types of ReviveX to choose from: Durable, Instant and Wash-In.


Keeping your feet dry is an important element when trying to keep the odor away. When you put footwear through the most rugged situations and they begin to give in, it is time to repair the leaks and holes with a quality shoe repair product like Freesole. This product can be utilized to create toe caps, shore up worn heels, or to add an extra protective coating against wear to the outer shell of shoes or boots. This adhesive is effective in both cold and hot conditions and is available in clear or black options.


This powerful odor eliminator is ultra-concentrated to offer the most coverage with the least amount of product. MiraZyme uses a natural blend of microbes to attack and eliminate offensive odors and keep them away. This odor controller is versatile and safe enough to be used on such things as gloves, camping equipment, and many other outdoor fabrics. This multi-use odor eliminator may be used on fabrics around the house and is an ideal odor eliminator and olfactory protectant for vehicles.

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