The trucker’s hitch is one of the easiest methods to tension guy lines. Set up as illustrated below. Create the upper loop by using an overhand on a bight or a slip knot. Tie off with a looped half hitch which is easy to untie and adjust.

On snow or rocky ground set tent stakes “deadman” style. Tie into the center of the stake then bury it horizontally in snow or under rocks. The line and stake together should make a “T”. Be sure to bury the stake several feet deep or the stakes will melt out! When using rocks, be sure to use enough to handle the strongest winds you expect to encounter.



Tent Guyline Tip

Reduce tent fly wind damage by installing simple custom shock-cord loops on your guylines. This design keeps the original guyline as a failsafe backup.



Keep the Bugs Out!


Set Up Your Camp

When it’s breezy, mosquitoes will congregate on the lee side of objects to avoid being blown away. So pitch your tent door into the breeze. You’ll be able to enter without bringing the swarm in with you.


Tent Condensation Tip

Minimize condensation in tents by keeping upper tent vents open, and lower vents clear of sleeping bags, pads and other bulky items.



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