Nobody likes a wet blanket. Don’t let your work pants weigh you down with wet knees. 

We know when you’re working hard that you don’t want to have to stop because your pants are dirty, wet, and heavy.  Add some Freesole® to your work pants to help your pants stay dry. Not only will this help you keep working in muddy and wet weather, it will also stop holes from forming in your knees.

To build a permanent knee patch:

  1. Wash and dry your work pants. Don’t use any fabric softener because it will hinder the Freesole from adhering well.
  2. Tape off the area on your pants that you will be adding a knee patch to.
  3. Apply a layer of Freesole to the pants. It will soak in quickly. Keep applying Freesole to the patched area until you have reached desired thickness on your knee patch. (usually ½ of a tube per knee patch).    
  4. Lie the pants on a flat surface and allow to dry. After 30 minutes, remove the tape from the pants.
  5. Allow 12-24 hours for the repair to fully cure.

Work away!

Freesole is a moisture cure, self-leveling, urethane adhesive that is highly resistant to abrasion and is unaffected by hot or cold (-20°F to +200°F). It is available in clear or with black Color Sync™.

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Originally Published: Jun 2, 2014

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