Trouble with fogging dive masks? Refer to these seven handy tips when applying Sea Gold, Sea Drops or Anti-Fog Spray:

  1. Only apply an anti-fog to a clean lens. New dive masks typically contain residues from the manufacturing process. It is important that you remove any residues. Our Sea Buff dive mask cleaner is great for cleaning glass dive masks.
  2. Apply an anti-fog to the inside lens.
  3. When dealing with greater temperature gradients, it may also be a good idea to treat the outside lens, if there's a big temperature difference between the air and water.
  4. Do not allow our anti-fogs to dry before rinsing or buffing.
  5. Rinse dive masks after each dive with fresh water and dry before storage to avoid mold and algae build-up.
  6. Our anti-fogs are safe to use on prescription lenses.
  7. For swim goggles we recommend Anti-Fog Spray. For dive masks we recommend the more concentrated Sea Gold or Sea Drops.

So what's the big difference between the anti-fogs?

Sea Gold is an anti-fog gel. Sea Gold is a highly concentrated formula that offers long lasting anti-fog protection. Sea Gold is typically applied wet and can be buffed into the lens. Sea Gold is not recommended for use on swim goggles as it is a highly concentrated formula:

  • You place a few drops on the lens
  • Rub it in with your fingers
  • Rinse the lens clean with water

Sea Drops is a liquid anti-fog and lens cleaner all-in-one. Sea Drops is also typically applied wet, but can also be buffed into the lens. Sea Drops are also highly concentrated and should not be used on swim goggles.

Our Anti-Fog is spray can be applied on wet lenses (i.e., spray the lens, rub it in with your fingers and then rinse the lens clean with water). It is not as concentrated as Sea Gold or Sea Drops and is safe for use on swim goggles, sunglasses, eyewear, binoculars and more.

Use Sea Gold for anti-fog protection during water-based activities like scuba diving. Use Sea Drops if you need a lens cleaner and anti-fog solution in one during water-based activities like scuba diving. Use Anti-Fog Spray on objects that are close to the eye, like swim goggles, binoculars or eyewear during water-based activities like swimming. 

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