GEAR AID Camo Form products in package sitting against a flashlight and hatchet wrapped in it resting on a camo bag on a white background

Camo Form is a camouflage protective fabric wrap for weapons, firearms and gear. The heavy-duty fabric is washable and reusable and does not utilize any sticky adhesives so when you remove it, it will not leave behind residues on guns or gear. Simply wrap the self-adhering fabric onto itself 


For best adhesion apply in temperatures above 40º F ( 5º C).

Stretch the Camo Form while applying to item, overlapping each wrap by 1/4'' so fabric sticks to itself.

To cover unique areas, such as gun sights and attachment points, cut holes in Camo Form to maintain functionality.

Cut small strips of Camo Form and wrap moving parts such as binocular or scope dials separately to allow these controls to move freely.

Camo Form's smell

When Camo Form is manufactured a touch of wintergreen is added to cover up the smell of latex. We use wintergreen because it is a natural scent. There are no indications that animals are spooked by the smell. 


Wet Camo Form should be removed from moisture sensitive items such as wood stocks, gun barrels, optics, etc. Allow Camo Form and item to dry and then reapply.

Camo Form is completely reusable and washable. To clean, remove Camo Form from object and hand wash with soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and air dry. Store in cool, dry place. Once dry, Camo Form can be reused.

If Camo Form loses self-cling properties over time due to extended exposure to sunlight or extreme heat, fabric can be reused and secured with tape.

Additional uses

Camo Form can also be used to wrap accessory cords and other items. You can wrap knife handles, canteens, flashlights, dog collars, binoculars and anything else you may want to camouflage or protect. 

Camo Form is also ideal for wrapping paintball guns, bows and other recreational or tactical gear.

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