Ensure your GEAR AID knife stays ready for years of use by following the simple safety tips and care instructions below.

Safely releasing the knife from the sheath

When it comes to releasing your Tanu, Kotu Tanto, Akua, or Buri knife from its sheath, follow these steps:
  • Firmly grip the knife handle.
  • Use your thumb to depress one side of the release tab located on the back of the sheath.
  • Gently pull the knife free from the sheath.

Instructions for knife cleaning & care

All stainless steel knife blades can develop rust over time, particularly in damp or marine environments. To prevent this, take the following steps:

  • Always rinse your knife with fresh water after exposure to saltwater or salt spray.
  • Dry the blade thoroughly.
  • Apply a rust-preventing lubricant, such as tool oil, to the blade. For food preparation, use food-grade oil or lubricants.
  • If minor rusting occurs, gently remove it from the knife blade using steel wool (Grade "0" or Grade "00").

Handle removal for thorough cleaning

Step 1: Wrap blade in masking tape to prevent damage to the titanium coating.

Step 2: Use a 2.5 mm hex wrench to remove the two fasteners securing the handle.

Step 3: Place wrapped blade in the jaws of a vise (i.e., a tool with two jaws used to hold an object firmly)

Step 4: Carefully pull handle free from the blade. 

NOTE: Do not attempt to pull knife apart by hand.

Reassembling your knife

To reassemble your knife after cleaning, follow these steps:

  • Insert the wrapped blade back into the knife handle using the vise.
  • Remove the masking tape from the blade.
  • Reattach the fasteners securely.

By following these simple safety and care guidelines, you can ensure your GEAR AID knife remains in optimal condition, ready for years of dependable use.

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