The shelf life of our adhesive products varies depending on the specific product. While it's possible your adhesive might last longer than what's shown in the table below, the provided durations give you a reliable estimate of how long the product will stay in good condition.

Adhesive Shelf Life Table for GEAR AID Products

Please note, this is for unopened product only. You can see when the adhesive was manufactured by looking at the date on stamped onto the crimp, or onto the bottom of the NEO can. Once opened and the adhesive is exposed to moisture in the air, the curing process begins. You are unable to stop this process but can slow down curing by storing the adhesive in a dry environment.

Once opened, a tube of adhesive will generally last 3-6 months (although sometimes longer) depending on storage. Storing your tube in the freezer will greatly slow the adhesive curing process.

An additional pro-tip for maximizing an opened tubes life: Before storing in the freezer, cover the opening with a small piece of tinfoil, and then screw the cap on over that. This will reduce unwanted exposure to moisture even more!

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