GEAR AID Revivex Durable Water Repellent

To repel water, outerwear must have durable water repellency (DWR) on its surface. DWR treatment is applied to ski pants and jackets by the manufacturer. This protective coating repels water and keeps you dry, but after time it's effectiveness wears off, and that's when you may want to consider reviving it with a protectant like GEAR AID Revivex Durable Water Repellent.

How does DWR work?

DWR creates a microscopic barrier that allows water to bead and roll off. When this protective coating is exposed to smoke, sweat, dirt, and other residues, the fabric no longer has the ability to stop the water from entering. Picture that microscopic barrier as millions of tiny hairs standing straight on end. When a bead of water falls from the sky, it lands on these “hairs” that are standing straight up and rolls right off. With time you start to get a build-up of dirt, body oils and residue on top of these “hairs.” Now they are no longer standing straight on end. Instead, they are now leaning over from the weight of the dirt and residue. So now when a bead of water falls from the sky, the tiny “hairs” are leaning over and the bead of water begins to wet through as opposed to rolling off the top - which leads to a bad day out in the elements.

Regularly washing your technical outwear in a specialized cleaner will remove dirt and grime, and help revive your DWR. Applying heat after the garment has been cleaned will also help improve DWR performance. If your DWR is still not working well, apply an aftermarket water repellent spray.

Revivex restores and protects

Restore the performance of your GORE-TEX®, eVent®, NeoShell®, and other waterproof-breathable fabrics by using a gentle cleaning formula like Revivex Pro Cleaner or Down Cleaner. Unlike regular laundry soaps, Revivex products do not contain fragrances, optical brighteners or fabric softeners. These additives can make your cotton clothes smell and feel great, but they can clog technical fabrics and hinder the performance of DWR due to the residue they leave behind.  

Over time, DWR treatment wears off causing fabrics to “wet out.” This reduces breathability and creates excess condensation, making you damp and cold. So after cleaning gear, re-proof it as needed with Revivex Durable Water Repellent  or Wash-In Water Repellent. And the best part is, both of these DWR formulas are PFAS-free with zero fluorocarbons. Reviving your gear will help maintain your DWR and extend the life of outerwear, whether it’s your first or 100th outdoor adventure.

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