Yes, GEAR AID anti-fogs are safe to use when snorkeling or diving in lakes and oceans. We do not say “reef-safe” or “environmentally-safe” because there are no standards governing these claims. Most of the reef-safe claims you see today are found on sunscreen because they do not contain oxybenzone, an ingredient known to harm coral reefs. There are additional ingredients that may be harmful to aquatic life, including octinoxate, octocrylene, homosalate, and octisalate.

Our anti-fogs do not contain any of these ingredients.

The best way to protect aquatic life and marine environments is to apply one drop of anti-fog to the inside lenses (not the outside) and to rinse in a bucket. Or you can use GEAR AID Anti-Fog Spray, which does not require rinsing. Remember, a little anti-fog goes a long way.

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