Learn how to patch torn or punctured GORE-TEX jackets, pants or gloves with Tenacious Tape GORE-TEX Fabric Patches


GEAR AID Tenacious Tape patch being applied to a GORE WEAR jacket

  1. Clean and dry area. Remove any dirt or loose debris. Machine laundering should be avoided to keep the tear from getting larger or fraying.

GEAR AID GORE TEX patch backing being removed to place on tear on GORE WEAR red jacket

  1. Peel off GORE-TEX Fabric Patch backing and apply to damaged area. Patch should overlap tear by 0.5" (12 mm) in all directions.
GEAR AID Tenacious Tape GORE TEX patch applied to red jacket and being pressed on to remove bubbles
  1. Apply pressure from center out to eliminate air bubbles. The product can be used immediately. Adhesive will continue to strengthen over the next 12 to 24 hours.


  1. After the patch has been applied, tumble the garment in a dryer for 30 minutes on regular setting or warm the patch with an iron. 


  1. Set an iron to medium or permanent-press heat. Use moderate pressure and circular motion for 30 seconds to heat evenly.

Removing the patch

The easiest way to remove the GORE-TEX Fabric Patch is to have the garment dry cleaned. If dry cleaning does not entirely remove the patch the first time, then try the following steps:

  1. Warm the patch for 30 seconds using an iron set to medium or permanent-press heat. Use moderate pressure and a circular motion to heat evenly.
  2. Lift up an edge or corner of the patch and pull slowly but firmly across the patch. Be careful not to make the tear larger.
  3. When the area has cooled, remove the adhesive residue with rubbing alcohol and a terry cloth.
  4. Rub in a circular motion for at least one minute until the adhesive has lifted.

Special notes

  • For maximum durability, use with Aquaseal FD or Seam Grip WP adhesives.
  • Use of spray-on water and stain repellent products will soften the patch adhesive for removal. For best results use a wash-in water repellent.
  • For a more options, please contact 800-GORE-TEX (467-3839) for the name and phone number of a certified repair facility near you.  

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