Use Aquaseal FD when superior flexibility is necessary (i.e., wet suit repair), Seam Grip for superior waterproofing (i.e., seam sealing outerwear and tents) and Aquaseal SR for superior abrasion resistance (i.e., shoe repair). Aquaseal NEO Contact Cement is ideal for quick and temporary in-field repairs.

Aquaseal FD is a maximum strength urethane-based repair adhesive ideal for making permanent repairs that cannot be broken down with solvents. Once cured, Aquaseal provides great abrasion resistance, so it is recommended on high-wear areas. It’s ideal for repairing rips, tears and holes in wet suits, dry suits, waders, water sports gear and more. Aquaseal offers long-term durability well as excellent adhesion and waterproofing with minimal shrinkage. It is safe for use on natural and synthetic fabrics including GORE-TEX, neoprene, Hypalon, urethane, and rubber. Aquaseal requires 8-12 hours to fully cure.

Aquaseal UV is great for making quick, in-field repairs to pin holes. Aquaseal UV is a solvent-free repair adhesive activated by sunlight and cures in seconds.

Seam Grip is an award winning, urethane-based seam sealer and repair adhesive. Seam Grip permanently seals seams and is our thinnest adhesive to easily repair small rips, tears and holes in tents, tarps, sleeping pads, backpacks, outerwear and more. Similar to Aquaseal, Seam Grip is safe for use on natural fabrics, leather, vinyl, waterproof laminates, PVC and synthetic fabrics including polyurethane, nylon, neoprene and rubber. Seam Grip is specifically formulated to offer superior waterproofing as well as excellent adhesion, long lasting flexibility and abrasion resistance with minimal shrinkage.

Aquaseal SR is a patented, urethane-based adhesive designed for shoe repair and restoration. It rebuilds worn heel and toe areas, reattaches separated soles and creates durable toecaps. Aquaseal SR is safe for use on all types of footwear including boots, athletic shoes, climbing shoes, rollerblades and more. As an Aquaseal adhesive it offers excellent adhesion, superior waterproofing and long lasting flexibility with minimal shrinkage. However, it is specifically formulated for footwear offering excellent abrasion resistance, protecting your shoe from scuffs and scratches.

Aquaseal NEO, is great for making in-field repairs because it cures in about 20 minutes. Aquaseal NEO is not permanent; it can be removed using solvents. Still, it is useful for waterside repairs to tears in neoprene and for replacing gaskets on wet suits and dry suits that may need to be removed or replaced at a later date.

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