DIRECTIONS: For small tears and pinholes on waders and outdoor gear. PREP: Apply to clean, dry surfaces. Clean surfaces with isopropyl alcohol to remove surface residue. Roughen smooth surfaces with sandpaper.

APPLY: Apply Aquaseal UV in a fully shaded or covered area away from any sunlight. For best adhesion apply with pressure using needle nose or disposable stick to work AQUASEAL UV into material. Overlap damaged area by at least 1⁄4” (5mm). Replace cap immediately.

CURE: After application, immediately expose item to sunlight. All repairs must be exposed to sunlight outdoors. Cures in approx. 30 sec. May take longer when cloudy. Thick repairs will take approx. 45 sec. to cure.

NOTE: Glass will block UV rays needed for proper curing. For permanent repairs use Aquaseal FD Flexible Durable Adhesive.


Do not apply to skin or to waders (or other items) while they are being worn. If adhesive accidentally gets on skin, remove before exposing skin to sunlight.

Adhesive must be exposed to UV light in order to cure. You cannot bond two fabrics using this adhesive. For pinhole repairs only.

For permanent repairs, we recommend Aquaseal FD.


  • Repairs small holes and tears in waders, wetsuits, rain gear, and inflatable rafts, kayaks, and float tubes
  • Coats fly lines
  • Cements fly heads
  • Seals small leaks in tents and inflatable mattresses

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