GEAR AID Revivex Down Cleaner

Revivex Down Cleaner restores loft and warmth to nearly all of your down gear and apparel, to keep you warm and safe on every adventure. Unlike household laundry soaps, Down Cleaner cleans without detergents - this means it preserves the natural oils, loft, and warmth of down. If possible, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing. If unavailable, use the following guidelines in this post.

Note: After washing, consider waterproofing your down product. We recommend using Revivex Durable Water Repellent.

What can I use Revivex Down Cleaner on?

  • Sleep Systems: Sleeping Bags, Quilt, Comforters, Pillows
  • Apparel: Jackets, Parkas, Coats, Vests, Sweaters,
  • Footwear: Booties, Slip-ons

    This list is not extensive. If you're not sure if your item can be washed, we recommend checking with the manufacturer.

  • INSTRUCTIONS GEAR AID Instructions graphic

    Machine wash 

    Only use a front-loading commercial washing machine for sleeping bags or other large items. See table below for settings.

    1. Close zippers and Velcro™ tabs. Apply cleaner directly to heavily soiled areas.
    2. Add Revivex Down Cleaner to empty washer according to table below.
    3. Load item into washer; use gentle cycle & warm water.
    4. Run an additional spin cycle before drying.
    5. See drying instructions below.

    Can I Use Revivex Cleaners in a High-Efficiency (HE) Wash Machine?

    Revivex Cleaners are low-sudsing and safe to use in HE washing machines.
    Because HE machines use less water, less cleaner is required. HE machines use anywhere from 30-50% less water (depending on the machine) than a typical machine. You would want to use 30-50% less cleaner. Start by cutting the amount by 1/3, if you want, you can make the decision to cut by 1/2.

    Hand wash 

    Use sink or tub.

    1. Apply cleaner directly to heavily soiled areas.
    2. Fill sink or tub with just enough warm water to submerge item. Add cleaner according to chart below, stir to mix. 
    3. Compress item to remove air & place in water.
    4. Wash item. Gently knead to remove dirt & stains.
    5. Rinse item repeatedly until water runs clear. 
    6. Gently compress or roll item to expel water. 
    7. Place in washing machine; use 2 spin cycles to remove excess water before drying.


    Down Cleaner

    Amount of Water for Hand Washing

    Machine Setting

    Jacket, Pillow or Small Garment

    2 capfuls (1 oz)

    5 gallons

    SMALL or LOW

    Sleeping Bag or Down Comforter

    4 capfuls (2 oz)

    20 gallons

    LARGE or HIGH 


    Proper drying is essential for best results. For maximum loft and to avoid damage, use a large commercial dryer on LOW HEAT. Note: High heat or small (home) dryers can melt synthetic fabrics, causing severe damage. Clean tennis balls may be added to dryer to break up down clumps. Check progress periodically. Dry thoroughly. Open item and allow to air overnight before use or storage.

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