How much do you know about boots?  Boots are one of the most important things to a backpacker. Finding the right fit can be difficult so it's crucial to take good care of your boots when you find the right ones. How many True/False questions about boots and boot care can you answer correctly? 

Q: Heavy duty mountain boots are obsolete for backpacking.
True. But while the ultra-light backpacking crowd (carrying 20 lb. packs) can get by on trails using trail running shoes or even good sport sandals, most folks carrying heavier loads will need or want some ankle support. Well-made light hikers with a 3/4 or full-height ankle collar are usually enough for moderate loads on most trails.

Q: Campfires cause boot sole delaminations?
True. Sitting at the campfire with your feet towards the fire may make you comfortably warm, but your boot soles could be close to melting. This can easily cause failure of the sole’s glue bond. If your boot soles are peeling, use Aquaseal SR Shoe Repair Adhesive to reattach the sole to your boot.

Q: You should always wear thick wool socks while hiking?

False. While wool socks or thick socks may be comfortable for you, they may not be for others. Wear whatever socks are most comfortable for you and don't rub your feet or cause blisters. If you find yourself prone to blisters no matter what style of socks or boots, try using a liner sock. Just be sure to avoid cotton socks if you can. 

Q: How you lace your boots can determine how they feel on your feet? 

True. Use “Skip Lacing” to take pressure off sensitive areas. Use the “Double Wrap” to have different levels of tightness on upper and lower sections of the boot.

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